The Challenge

The birth of internet has shrunk the Globe like never before. Today, technology allows us to store / process / transport Knowledge & make it available at the click of the button as and when needed. Despite these technological advancements, India's Top Notch Educational Content is either:

  • Not recorded at all, despite excellent procedures and insights by Doctors in their regular practice, often working alone. OR
  • gets recorded into DVDs, when part of an Scientific Meeting, but lies idle in some Book Shelf

Our internal study says, the top 20% of the CME programs conducted in India (across all specializations), get recorded in 23,000 odd DVDs

Unless & until, we Record, Digitize them, Index them and make them available through an advanced search - It is humanly impossible to retrieve this information (from 23,000 DVDs). We will also need to take care of the Intellectual Copy Rights & Royalty issues.

The Solution

​As an initiative by a team of dedicated Doctors, ​ offers a Clean, Efficient, Copyright protected Digital platform to share your Medical Videos with your peers. Each Viewer needs to make a nominal payment to access every Video, towards the cost of logistics and Speaker Royalty.

We have planned this as an ideal platform to contribute to the medical community and also be let the Doctors be recognised/ rewarded/ acknowledged for it.

  • 100% Copy Right Protected.
  • Videos available to a bonafide Doctor as an annual subscription, with unlimited access over the 12 month period.
  • 50% of the Sales Proceeds as Royalty Fee.
  • Marketed to Specialist Doctors not Just in India but also other countries.

The Execution

  •'s Back End Team will acquire the copy of the videos of Academic / Teaching / Talks from the Organisers / Speakers.
  • Intellectual Copy Rights of the Videos to remain with the Original Content Producers, whether Speaker / Organiser.
  • obtains only the exclusive Distribution & Marketing Rights for the content.
  • Videos are indexed by Topics, Speakers, Keywords, Specialization, Practice Areas etc & Uploaded online.
  • Live Sales Tracking Module for all Content Producers / Speakers.
  • ​Our Marketing team ensures good visibility for your scientific content to the appropriate audience both in India and overseas.
  • Highest priority to Patient Privacy, Speaker/Author Copyright, Ethics, Legalities and Transparency.

Partner Us

When the whole world is your audience, why let the knowledge be stuck in a DVD?

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